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Requestly: Redirect Url, Modify Headers etc_v5.5.2

Requestly: Redirect Url, Modify Headers etc_v5.5.2


Requestly is a chrome extension using which you can play with network requests. Main features include:

1. Redirect HTTP/HTTPS requests.
2. Block requests
3. Replace some part in URL with another string. Using Replace feature, you an replace query parameters value, replace host names etc.
4. Modify HTTP Request and Response headers
5. Import/Export Requestly rules (Backup your rules by exporting them)
6. Activate/Deactivate Requestly from Right Click Menu on requestly icon in toolbar
7. Share Rules with other Users
8. Host, Modify JS/CSS Files and use the URLs inside Requestly rules. No need to setup local server
9. Modify UserAgent for selective websites and even for selective requests.
10. Run custom scripts on web pages (Similar to GreaseMonkey/TamperMonkey)
11. Modify Query Parameters

Here is why you should use Requestly.

** Stay way from time killing sites. Setup rules like when source contains or then redirect to StackOverflow and do some geeky stuff.
** Test your JS running in production environment. Simply redirect your JS from prod to JS from your local setup box and test if your fix/code actually works in production site.
** Test your website with different UserAgents.
** Create URL shortcuts with simple redirect rules.
** Insert custom scripts on websites
** Modify Query Parameters

Additionally, Requestly provides a very user friendly interface to setup your rules. You can toggle a rule with a single click. No need to delete a rule when you don't need it. Just make that inactive and activate it later whenever you need it again.

Browser Sync is enabled so you create/change your rules in one browser and the changes will automatically be reflected in another.

**Latest in Requestly**:

1. v3.3.4: Modify Request and Response Headers for specified Urls only. No more running a header modification rule for all Urls.
2. v3.3.5: Multiple Entries in Redirect Rule
3. v3.3.7: Multiple Entries in Cancel Rule + UI Improvements
4. v3.4: Activate/Deactivate Requestly from Right Click Menu
5. v4.5.4: Requestly can be (de)activated only from right click on requestly icon in toolbar. This options has been removed from Page context menu.
6. v4.0.0: New Improved UI with Google material design. Added Left Navigation Bar and responsive UI.
7. v4.1.0: Share Rules with other Users
8. v4.1.3: Source filtering in Replace Rule
9. v4.1.4: Allow Users to bulk delete the rules
10. v4.2.3: Added support for Firefox
11. v4.2.6: Added Wildcard match operator
12. v4.2.8: Rules are opened on instead of
13. v4.2.14: Fixed Urls -> Allow owners to delete sharedLists
14. v4.3.0: Modify UserAgent Rule
15. v4.4.0: Insert Script Rule, UI Icons and Notifications Popup
16. v4.4.2: Enabled HTTPs support on requestly pages
17. v5.1.0: Modify Query Parameters Rule
18. v5.5.0: New Feature – Grouping of Rules


版本:5.5.2 用户评分:4.43(5分满分) 此版本下载量:76752

大小:572KiB 此版本最后更新时间:2018年10月3日



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Requestly: Redirect Url, Modify Headers etc_v5.5.2