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Extension features:

– Save links to read or to keep.
– Read when it's convenient for you.
– Find your links again when you need them, for example with our optional Google Search integration: Search the web as you always do. Refind highlights links you saved when you search on Google.
– Add tags to easily find your links again.
– See related stories when you save to Refind.
– Send links to your friends.
– Write comments to discuss links.

Wait, there's more:

– Use Refind on your computer ( or on your phone (iOS/Android).
– Follow your favorite sites. We'll pick their most relevant new stories for you. Every day. So you don't have to sift through all the noise.
– To see your feed or trending stories, get the Refind New Tab extension for Chrome.
– Deferral fails in the information age because there's always more information to read later—our reading lists pile up and read later becomes read never. Use our reading list instead.
– Groups: Groups are where you collect and share links with others—friends, co-workers, or a community.
– Newsletters: The easiest way to email a weekly digest of your favorite links to your fans.
– Smart collections: Smart collections organize your links automatically.
– etc.

What our users say:

"My favorite discovery tool."
–Werner Vogels, Amazon CTO

"Refind has become my new Chrome tab."
–Chris Messina, inventor of the hashtag

"Refind has helped me expand my horizon and spend more time on the things that matter."
–Dan Ariely, author of Predictably Irrational

"The best way to save, share, discover, and – most importantly – rediscover the web's classics."
–Myke Naef, Founder Doodle

"I love the weekly digest."
–Severin Hacker, Founder Duolingo

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