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"My favorite discovery tool."
–Werner Vogels, Amazon CTO

"Giving me better things to read than Medium."
–Stowe Boyd, Futurist

"Refind has become my new Chrome tab."
–Chris Messina, inventor of the hashtag

"Refind has helped me expand my horizon and spend more time on the things that matter."
–Dan Ariely, author of Predictably Irrational

"The best way to save, share, discover, and – most importantly – rediscover the web's classics."
–Myke Naef, Founder Doodle

"Once you've started to use Refind, you can't imagine going back."
–Nico Luchsinger, Founder Sandbox Network

"I'm consistently amazed by the quality of my feed. If you don't use Refind yet: you're missing out."
–Thom Nagy, Digital Strategist Tageswoche

"It took me less than an hour to make Refind my habit. It's the very rare kind of tool that adds huge value and requires zero effort."
–Andreas Brenner, Founder Avrios

"I love the weekly digest."
–Severin Hacker, Founder Duolingo

“Refind has a great early community that helps me find interesting stories.”
–Toni Schneider, Partner True Ventures

"Refind is like Product Hunt for the most useful links on the web."
–Chris Messina, inventor of the hashtag

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