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Key points:

– If you use PACER, this free extension will save you money. Every document you purchase will be uploaded to the "RECAP Archive" and every document others have purchased since 2009 will be available to you for free as you use PACER.

– This extension was created in 2009 at Princeton and is now run by Free Law Project, a non-profit that's working to improve PACER.

– This extension has already added millions of PACER documents to the Internet Archive and to a searchable archive at In 2018 we added more than 20 million searchable pages to the archive!

– The more people using this extension, the more money we all save. Please tell your friends or write us a review.

Created in 2009, RECAP is a free extension from Free Law Project and the Center for Information Technology Policy at Princeton that improves the experience of using PACER, the online public access system for the U.S. federal courts.

RECAP has two main features. First, when you purchase an item on PACER, RECAP anonymously uploads that item to the RECAP Archive hosted at where it can be searched or downloaded for free by others.

Second, before you purchase an item that is in our collection, a link will be provided for you — right inside PACER — to get it for free. Any of the millions of items that have been uploaded so far are already available to you for free.

The benefit of this system is that the dockets and documents in the PACER system should only need to be purchased once. After that, you can get them for free by clicking a link that's right inside the PACER website. What's even better is that the more people using RECAP, the more items are free and the more money you'll save.

All of the items that you purchase are uploaded to the Internet Archive for historical preservation. We are not creating a walled garden.

RECAP is compatible with ECF logins and will not upload documents from sealed cases.

Learn more at

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