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Readr for Reddit_v0.2.3

Readr for Reddit_v0.2.3


Reading long reddit comments ( AskReddit, WritingPrompts, AskScience etc. ) is no longer a pain. Try Readr for Reddit, and view individual comments in a clean design, optimised for readability. Just press 'read' on any comment, and open up the Readr viewer.

Works on all subreddits as well as self posts!

Firefox and safari versions under development 😀

NEW : Night Mode, Alternate font style and a new options page!

TIP : Press 'Esc' to quit the reader UI and go back to reddit.

How To Use :

1. Install the Extension
2. Go to your favorite subreddit and open the discussion on the first interesting link you find
3. Under the post, press the 'read' button (Present besides the permalink button)
4. Happy reading

While I have thoroughly tested this extension, this is still a one man operation and is very much in beta. Any Feedback / Question are welcome!

Please Rate 5 Stars if you would like to support the development of this extension.

————- FUTURE UPDATES ————-

1. Firefox and Safari versions !
2. Advanced share capabilities
3. Showing additional child comments to the view
4. Upvote link

——————- Version 0.2.2 —————–
1. Shifted read button to the top of a comment
2. Added option to show read button under comment
3. Added option to switch between serif and sans-serif font style

——————- Version 0.2 ——————-
1. Added night mode for readr
2. Front Page self posts, Profile page posts supported
3. Other performance improvements

——————- Version 0.1 ——————-
1. Added 'read' button that opens up the optimized viewing mode
2. Added 'Gold' indicator and special indicators for comments by OP
3. Pressing 'Escape' closes the single comment view

Inspired by the talented folks at Medium.

版本:0.2.3 用户评分:4.94(5分满分) 此版本下载量:5117

大小:106KiB 此版本最后更新时间:2017年6月6日

作者:由Saransh Sinha提供


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Readr for Reddit_v0.2.3