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Random Facts on New Tab_v2.1.0

Random Facts on New Tab_v2.1.0


Random and fun facts are everywhere! On every new tab, you will get a random fact about a day in history, or the magic of a number, or an event happened in a particular year, all of them with completely amazing, high quality background images, while keeping your most visited URLs and popular social icons on the page, elegant and useful. Opening a new tab will be much more fun now with "Random Facts"!

Click on the button "Add to Chrome" on the upper right corner of this window. Then Google Chrome will automatically add and activate Random Facts extension. The extension will require a permission from you about the extension's capabilities, saying with "Random Facts wants to interact with your web pages.", which is completely irrelevant what the extension is for. That permission is only for getting the background images from a remote server.

After you approve the permission, the extension will be activated immediately without any effort, you will see random facts with amazing images on every new tab from now on!

Live demo at:

– More then 600% better performance.
– Better native request structure.
– Improved display of exponential by a more reliable solution.
– Decreased file size by 3x.
– The extension is now open-source:


– Additional string parser
– Better presentation of exponential numbers
– Increased page-load performance


– Social icons on the top!
– Most visited pages on the bottom!
– Upgraded background image quality
– Faster page load
– Full HD SVG icons for retina displays
– Original brand colors for all of the icons
– Upgraded cute messages for lost connections
– Bug fixes for faster usage


If you have any questions or feature requests, or bug reports, please contact me!

版本:2.1.0 用户评分:4.55(5分满分) 此版本下载量:1023

大小:23.32KiB 此版本最后更新时间:2016年12月29日

作者:由Burak Karakan提供


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Random Facts on New Tab_v2.1.0