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*** Key Features

– Delegate tasks
– Communicate with team 2
– Approve documents
– Add and edit projects
– Set up workflows (including multi-step)
– Track time spent
– Email tasks to

*** More Features

– Use subtasks to split a larger task into an action list
– Plan meetings and create meeting reports
– Search tasks by various parameters
– Use folders to organize tasks
– Schedule tasks to a certain date to mute them from the Inbox
– Attach documents from Box and GDrive
– Login with your GApps account
– Add events to Calendar
– Invite colleagues from Address Book
– Work with outsources and subcontractors.

*** Notifications

– Badge on app icon shows the number of unread tasks in your Inbox
– You receive push notification when an ASAP task is assigned to you

Pyrus works offline and seamlessly syncs in background. No frozen UI, no duplicates.

Full-featured desktop version of Pyrus is available at

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