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Reviews are appreciated! Also available for other browsers, including a Firefox add-on, on the website.

PSDLE: (for the "new store"/Library)
• Export your list as CSV or JSON.
• Supports the Purchased and Plus tabs.
• Searching and filtering may come in the future. Currently limited by appearing alongside the existing page.
• None of the below.

"Old store":
• Search, sort, filter, and export your list.

This extension will be updated infrequently to assure stability.

Certain features may not be available based on options shown and enabled during startup. Provided screenshots have been altered to obscure copyrighted material and may not reflect current features or design.

PSDLE is not sponsored, endorsed, or created by Sony, SIE, SNEI, SCEA, SCEE, SCEI, PlayStation, or affiliates.

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