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Professor Traffic_v1.9.10

Professor Traffic_v1.9.10

介绍:在Google Analytics中创建和跟踪链接。在社交媒体和入站营销活动中查看您的投资回报率。

Professor Traffic helps you to understand and monitor the ROI of your inbound marketing.

It’s a simple plug in that integrates with Google Analytics and allows you track which of your social shares drive traffic to your website. With Professor Traffic’s clever tagging you can create reports showing which links you shared on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn actually drove visits and conversions. Find out what works and do more of it.

It’s not just for social media either – Professor Traffic works for links shared on PDFs, websites, emails, QR codes –pretty much anywhere. With his built-in link shortener, he keeps the place tidy too.

Try Professor Traffic today. He’s free, he’s helpful and he will make your content marketing better.

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Professor Traffic_v1.9.10