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Privacy Badger_v2018.8.1

Privacy Badger_v2018.8.1


Privacy Badger blocks spying ads and invisible trackers. It's there to ensure that companies can't track your browsing without your consent.

The extension is designed to automatically protect your privacy from third party trackers that load invisibly when you browse the web. We send the Do Not Track header with each request, and our extension evaluates the likelihood that you are still being tracked. If the algorithm deems the likelihood is too high, we automatically block your request from being sent to the domain. Please understand that the algorithm's determination is not conclusive that the domain is tracking you (or not tracking you!)

Nothing can stop the Privacy Badger from eating cookies when it's hungry!

Privacy Badger is a project of the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Permissions Required

* Read and change data on all websites you visit:
* This is so that privacy badger can detect and block trackers on websites you visit. We are not ironically (or unironically) spying on you!
* Change your privacy related settings:
* This is so that we can turn off some privacy invasive defaults that chrome has.
* Manage your downloads:
* This is needed for privacy badger to be able to back up it's settings!

## 2016.12.7.2 (2.0)
* Huge speed improvements
* Multiprocess Compatible (E10S) for firefox
* Breaks many fewer websites
* Many small bugfixes
* Import and Export your data (requires new download permission)
* Block WebRTC from leaking your IP address
* Forget data in incognito mode
* block html5 "ping" tracking
* Translation fixes
* (Developers) Firefox and Chrome versions now share one code base!

## 2016.9.7 (1.13)
* Add exceptions for multi domain first parties
* Fix google drive download issue
* Fix wikipedia login issue
* Fix youtube comments and notifications issues
* Several other broken site fixes
* Hopefully a fix for the "corrupted extension" issue

## 2016.8.29 (1.12)
* UI Tweaks
* Remove last adblock plus code
* Feature: remove domains from list
* Refactor incognito mode handling
* Compatibile with firefox web extensions

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Privacy Badger_v2018.8.1