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Photo Screen Saver_v2.9.5

Photo Screen Saver_v2.9.5


This extension displays a screensaver composed of a slide show of photos from multiple sources. Supported photo sources include:

* Your Google Photos Albums
Note: Shared Albums are not supported
* Some background photos used by Chromecast
* Several sources from 500px
* Several sources from reddit
* Interesting photos from Flickr

Note: Photos from the local file system are not supported.

Many options are available to control the appearance of the slide show, including:

* Wait time after machine becomes idle to display screensaver
* Between photo time interval
* Photo display mode – (e.g., frame, fill screen)
* Photo transition animations – (e.g., fade, scale up)
* A scheduler to control when the screensaver, display, and computer should remain on
* Do not display over full screen Chrome windows (e.g., YouTube, Netflix)
* Show on all displays
* Display time

Works great on all platforms but may be especially useful for your Chromebook.

Please rate this if you find it of value. Thank you.

It is open source and without advertising.
Source code:

* Privacy Statement

This program does not store or transmit any sensitive or personal user data.

Authentication with the Picasa API, which is used to access your Google Photos is performed with OAUTH2 and https.

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Photo Screen Saver_v2.9.5