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Page Pin_v1.7.0

Page Pin_v1.7.0


By using this extension. You can add pins on your page. You can use them to navigate through long pages.

How to:
1. Hit "Alt+Shift+A" or right click > Page Pin > Toggle Page Pin
2. Double click to add a new pin
3. Click the number in the panel to navigate. Or hit 'Alt+Shift+W (S)' to navigate to previous (next) pin
4. Click a pin or use X button in panel to delete it. To clear all pins, hit "Alt+Shift+D" or right click > Page Pin > Clear all pins

Update 1.7.0:
New stuff:
· New design
· Hit 'Alt+Shift+W (S)' to navigate to previous (next) pin

Update 1.6.7:
New Stuff:
* Now the background color of anchors list will be set based on the color palette of the website favicon. This feature is driven by rgbaster.js from: Follow the MIT License.
* Move the anchors list up so it may not conflict with "Back to top" button on some websites.

Update 1.5.2:
New stuff:
* Now has a new look.
* Add into the context menu.
* Animation enhancement.
* New language support: Traditional Chinese

Update 1.4.4:
* Now, Page Anchor won't automatically appear on every tab. Use the keyboard combination "Alt+Shift+A" to activate and deactivate it.
* Use combination "Alt+Shift+D" to delete all anchors on current tab.

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Page Pin_v1.7.0