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ORGanizer for Salesforce_v0.6.3.2

ORGanizer for Salesforce_v0.6.3.2

介绍:ORGanizer – 最好的Salesforce Chrome扩展

The ORGanizer Chrome Extension [BETA] lets you forget about your® username and passwords and help you to recognize® tabs on your browser.
With Salesforce ORGanizer you can:
– Store your frequently used accounts (basic encryption for password, details on the guide): username / password / login url / landing page
– Login an account on a new tab, window and window on incognito mode or get the full login URL for other browsers
– Change an ORG tab and title to instantly recognize which tab belongs to which ORG
– Use the built in Quick Link tool to quickly access your most used standard Salesforce links
– Create your personal ORG's quick link library to handle special links
– Use the Quick Links tool to make a global search or open a custom relative link (e.g. from a copied Salesforce ID) or login to another ORG
– Use the Quick Console right inside your Salesforce tab to have quick access to describe manager, queries, execute anonymous and other handy tools

More and more features to come in the next releases!

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ORGanizer for Salesforce_v0.6.3.2