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OMG! Ubuntu!_v3.2.3

OMG! Ubuntu!_v3.2.3


Looking for an easy way to stay up to date with the latest Ubuntu news, Linux app releases, and open source developments?

Add the official omg! ubuntu! extension to your Chrome (or Chromium-based) browser!

This free add-on shows you a dropdown list of the 27 most recent posts published on the omg! ubuntu! blog, complete with handy thumbnail.

You get a native system notification when new posts are published. The toolbar icon also tells you how many unread posts are waiting for you.

Don't want notifications? You can turn them off in the settings page!

Unread items have an orange 'bookmark' emblem to the right. To mark a post as a read click the white space before the bookmark icon. You can 'Mark All As Read' by clicking the text in the footer of the extension.

To read an item just click its title to go straight to the correct article on the omg! ubuntu! website.

Version 3.2.3:
Updated toolbar icon
Removed refresh button (as broken)

Version 3.2.1:
Refreshed branding
More descriptive toolbar icon

Version 3.1.0:
Switch to https

Version 3.0.2:
Fix for Chrome OS

Version 3.0.1:
Bug fix for permissions request on Ohso sites
Even better memory optimisations

Version 3.0.0:
Completely rewritten extension
Now uses significantly less memory and works 'on demand'
New graphic assets

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OMG! Ubuntu!_v3.2.3