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介绍:OctoLinker – 链接在一起,什么属于一起。

OctoLinker – a browser extension for GitHub

Navigate through projects on efficiently with OctoLinker. OctoLinker turns language-specific statements like include require or import into links.


Relative files
Navigate through GitHub repositories faster than ever before with a single click. OctoLinker leverages the GitHub API to fetch a tree structure of the repository to link relative files.

Dependency Discovery
Never leave GitHub to manually search for a dependency. OctoLinker links dependencies defined in files like package.json, composer.json,Gemfile or requirements.txt with their related GitHub project page.

API Docs
Forgot the signature of core library method? No worries, OctoLinker links to API docs sucha as or

Pull Request
Code review made easy. OctoLinker links dependencies and files on a Pull Request so you can focus on the work that matters – code review.

Source code is available on GitHub:

Have any questions? Don't hesitate to tweet @OctoLinker or email us

Privacy Policy –

The OctoLinker project is not affiliated with, sponsored by, or endorsed by GitHub Inc.

Copyright (c) 2014–present Stefan Buck Licensed under the MIT license.

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