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NIM(Node.js 调试管理工具)_v2.2.4

NIM(Node.js 调试管理工具)_v2.2.4


NIM (Node Inspector Manager)

NIM streamlines your Node.js development cycle when using Chrome DevTools Inspector.

This project is open source and available at

NIM manages the Chrome DevTools window/tab life-cycle leaving you with more ability to focus on what matters… debugging your code. You no longer need to copy/paste DevTools URL's or continue opening/closing tabs/windows.

NIM automatically detects the URL that is generated when running node (locally or remotely) with –inspect option. NIM provides you with the option of automatically opening and closing Chrome DevTools in a tab or window. Just toggle the Manual/Auto setting and then start a debugging session. DevTools will open either on clicking the "Open DevTools" button or after the specified timeout period. If set to auto close, once you end your debugging session, DevTools will close automatically.

Use in 3 easy steps:
1. Install
2. Set hostname and port or use the default localhost and 9229.
3. Click Open DevTools or change setting to Auto

– Manage and monitor local and remote debugging sessions
– Manual or automatic control of DevTools interface
– Open DevTools in a new tab or window
– Make DevTools focused or inactive on start
– Customize duration between v8 Inspector probes
– Auto-save settings

Note: At the time of writing, the v8 –inspect option is fairly new. See for additional details on the option.d

If you enjoy using NIM please give us a 5 star rating and/or a G+1. Any and all feedback is encouraged and welcome. Thank you in advance.

[0.8.0] – 2016-12-11
– Added support for 10 additional languages. Danish, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, and Chinese
[0.7.0] – 2016-11-28
– Added a very short uninstall survey.
[0.6.1] – 2016-11-27
– Bug fix: Remote debugging only worked in some cases.
[0.6.0] – 2016-11-26
– UI improvements
[0.4.0] – 2016-11-17
– Added the option of auto closing the Chrome DevTools session (tab or window).

Complete changelog:

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NIM(Node.js 调试管理工具)_v2.2.4