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Nimbus Notes_v3.2.5

Nimbus Notes_v3.2.5

介绍:Nimbus Notes – 在Chrome浏览器中从网页记录笔记和剪辑文本/图片的最简单方法。

Nimbus Note – The easiest way to take notes and capture text/pictures from Web pages in Chrome browser. Need to quickly create a note or clip part of a web page—such as text, pictures, or links? No problem! Nimbus Note allows you to create new notes directly from the browser and save any web page. This is especially convenient when doing research , for example.

In addition, the built-in synchronization feature will help you save your notes in Nimbus and easily view them on various other devices!

Nimbus Notes is for:

– taking notes quickly and easily;
– saving content from web pages with one simple click;
– organizing your notes in a convenient folder structure;
– synchronizing notes and accessing them from any device;

To start working with the Nimbus Note add-on, take a moment to create an account at To save you time, a single account will give you access to all Everhelper services.

版本:3.2.5 用户评分:4.54(5分满分) 此版本下载量:31633

大小:738KiB 此版本最后更新时间:2019年6月6日



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Nimbus Notes_v3.2.5