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New Tab Plus_v4.8.0

New Tab Plus_v4.8.0

介绍:New Tab Plus提供了一些功能,如快速拨号,云添加和云备份,以增强原始的新标签。

New Tab Plus is one great Chrome extension by using HTML5. It provides speed dials for top or popular sites, and is easier to open your installed chrome apps. More importantly, it organizes hundreds of popular sites' logo in the cloud, so that users could add any of their favorite sites on demand. Do not worry to lost your choice it will save users' customized configuration in the cloud. Meantime, it has some more useful functionality e.g. real-time weather report、organized bookmark、recent visited sites and cloud background pages. In one word, its goal is to improve the user experience of original Chrome New Tab.

·New Tab Plus integrates top sites、bookmark management、extension management、recent visited sites and so on. Due to hundreds of organized top sites in the could, it is convenient for users to add one site in the dials by one click.

·New Tab Plus puts search engine in the dial boxes. It no longer opens another tab to search, and search immediately in the new tab. Of course, users could select their own search engines, e.g. Google、Bing and Yahoo.

·New Tab Plus has lots of user defined features. It is free to change the size/color of dial boxes、background、theme. It is rock to make your own unique new tab.

·New Tab Plus is could based service. Any your choice will be recorded and sent to cloud storage. Do not worry about to lost your customized configuration. For users' convenient, it supports lots of openID login, e.g. Facebook,Google,Twitter.

·New Tab Plus has lots of popular plugins,e.g. weather reports、Calendar、IP Detection、and some category portals.

·New Tab Plus provide personality dial box group to make your new tab clear, personality.

New Tab Plus is an extended application of the Chrome brower which is based on HTML5. It offers several features such as speed dial, cloud addition, and cloud backup to enhance the original New Tab function of Chrome.In addition, it integrates other plugins to provide users more rapid surfing experience. These plugins include quick search, weather forcaster, the favorites, recently visited list, extended manager, wallpaper etc.

PS:New Tab Plus (EXT) more than New Tab Plus (APP) provides a "recently visited" and other plug-ins.

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Version: 4.8.0 Updated: 2015-03-19
1. Fixed some bugs.

Version: 4.7.9 Updated: 2014-12-10
1. Added Super Discount function (only for chinese language)
2. Fixed some bugs.

Version: 4.7.7 Updated: 2014-10-15
1. Add cloud wallpaper website(
2. Fixed some bugs.

Version: 4.7.5 Updated: 2014-09-22
1. Add cloud wallpaper capacity.
2. Modify the RU and EN default dial boxes.
3. Fixed some bugs.

Version: 4.7.4 Updated: 2014-06-26
1. Fixed the timezone bug.
2. Added the SNS share function, like facebook.
3. Fixed some bugs.

Version: 4.7.3 Updated: 2014-06-16
1. Custom content for Russia, include Quick Search, content of Dial boxes, mini navigation plugin (Thanks for Namzhil support.)
2. Modifid weahter Plugin, added game center Plugin.
3. Fixed some bugs.

Version: 4.6.6 Updated: 2014-05-13
1. Increased auto switch used wallpaper
2. Increased France language support
3. Fixed some bugs

Version: 4.6.2 Updated: 2014-01-16

1. Compatible Opera, IE9+
2. Fixed some bugs.

Version: 4.5.0 Updated: 2013-09-27

1. Added drag settings box, cloud wallpaper box, etc.
2. Added delete recently used cloud wallpaper.
3. Added groups number to seven.
4. Added max dial boxes number to 32
5. Fixed some bugs.

Version: 4.2.0 Updated: 2013-08-13

1. Fixed the Google screen for illegal websites, affecting the bookmarks plugin.
2. Added search function in bookmarks plugin.
3. Added wallpaper download function.
4. Added Downloads, Bookmarks, Extensions, History, Chrome original New Tab shortcut dial boxes in cloud add.
5. Added allow to use right button in quick search bar.
6. Fixed some bugs.

Version: 4.1.0 Updated: 2013-07-03
1. Add quick selection of dial box group.
2. Fixed some bugs.

Version: 4.0.7 Updated: 2013-06-26
1. Correct Russian language pack.(Thanks to the Alexander Poddubny support).
2. Increased Spanish language support.
3. Fixed some bugs.

2013-5-23 undate 4.0.5:

1. Increased Portuguese, Portuguese-Brazil, Russian language support( We are grateful to Felipe Lucas for the translation into Portuguese, Portuguese-Brazil, we are grateful to KOFE for translation into Russian).
2. Enhanced the local data of site navigation plugin.
3. Increased the use of Chrome packed_app.
4. Increased the Quick Dial box uniform background.
5. Dial box settings, increasing direct manual input function.
6. Fixed some bugs.

2013-4-26 undate 4.0.2:
1.Increased Zifferblatt Box Gruppe plugin.
2.Redesign das Wetter Plugin UI.
3.Increased auto-hide the dock Option.
4.fixed einige Bugs.

Browsing internet has never been this easy. Newtabplus makes browsing much faster and easier on your Chrome browser, adding popular sites,bookmark,history,downloads and apps all in just 1 tab.

Features include:
– Simple and intuitive UI
– Cloud Website library,click to add a new site
– Customized background with cloud wallpaper library
– Free online backup, real-time data synchronization
– Bunch of useful gadgets, include weather forecast, IP address identification, calendar and much more
– Plenty of custom features
– Developed by new html5 technology

For fast, friendly support simply email us:

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New Tab Plus_v4.8.0