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Native HLS Playback_v0.10.1

Native HLS Playback_v0.10.1


This extension is a wrapper around the awesome hlsjs library:

Clicking on the extension icon will let you play any m3u8 embedded as a video html element in the current page.

New: type m3u8, then tab, then your m3u8 URL to play the URL in the extension.

Enable/Disable the url catcher by clicking on the icon.
Enable hls.js debug mode in the extension settings.
Switch between hls.js 0.5.x, 0.6.x, 0.7.x, 0.8.x, 0.9.x and 0.10.x in the settings.
Now supports subtitles!
Switch between zoom and native video size in the options.
Display timed metadata in the console

Default player is now hls.js/0.10.1.

版本:0.10.1 用户评分:4.52(5分满分) 此版本下载量:185498

大小:630KiB 此版本最后更新时间:2018年6月27日

作者:由Gaetan Hervouet提供


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Native HLS Playback_v0.10.1