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Mute Tabs By Url_v3.0

Mute Tabs By Url_v3.0


~~~~~~~~ Key Features ~~~~~~~~

— Automatically mute tabs based on their url using a black list or a white list
— Panic "mute all" button
— Pause extension button
— List entries can have multiple keywords; keywords can have exclusion operator
— Option to always keep current tab unmuted
— Option to always keep all tabs other than current tab muted
— Changeable keyboard shortcuts for all features/controls
— Keyboard shortcut to un/mute specific tab
— Buttons to quickly add/remove current url to/from list
— Settings synced across Chrome devices

~~~~~~~~ How the lists work ~~~~~~~~

When the black list is active: if the url matches any of the entries on the list, the tab is muted; otherwise it is unmuted.

When the white list is active: if the url matches any of the entries on the list, the tab is unmuted; otherwise it is muted.

List entries should be separated by newlines. Each list entry can have multiple keywords, separated by spaces. The url must contain all of the keywords for the entry to be considered a match. A keyword can be preceded by a hyphen to indicate that the url must *not* contain the keyword. Entries are case-insensitive.

For example, the following black list product

will mute urls like

but not

~~~~~~~~ Other controls ~~~~~~~~

— Mute All Tabs – Serves as a panic button to immediately mute all sound from the browser.
— Unmmute All Tabs – Effectively pauses the extension, immediately allowing sound from all tabs.
— Always unmute current tab – Makes sure the currently in-focus tab is always unmuted, regardless of url.
— Always mute all other tabs – Makes sure all tabs other than the currently in-focus tab are always muted, regardless of url.
— Add/Remove domain – Adds/removes the domain of the current url to/from the shown list (e.g. just "" in "").
— Add/Remove page – Adds/removes the entirety of the current url to/from the shown list.

"Remove domain/page" will remove all list entries that contain the url but no user-added keywords or modifications.

You can also override the list for a specific tab by manually un/muting it, and the change will stick until the tab is closed and reopened. To manually un/mute a tab, either 1) right click the tab in the tab bar, 2) use this extension's keyboard shortcut, or 3) enable the handy "tab muting control" flag in Chrome.

For each tab, the un/mute is decided in the following order:

If "Mute All Tabs" is on, the tab is muted…
otherwise, if "Unmmute All Tabs" is on, the tab is unmuted…
otherwise, if user manually un/muted the tab, that choice stays…
otherwise, if applicable, the tab is un/muted based on "Always unmute current tab" or "Always mute all other tabs"…
otherwise, the tab is un/muted based on the active list.

~~~~~~~~ Misc. info ~~~~~~~~

Chrome currently limits synced extension setting items to 8 KB each. Thus, the black and white lists are automatically limited to this size, and will show a warning if up against the limit. Each list can fit approximately 650 entries using latin-characters.

If your popup window becomes zoomed in/out, open popup.html in a new tab and reset it to the default 100% zoom (ctrl+0).

~~~~~~~~ About ~~~~~~~~

This extension was developed by composer and producer Vincent Rubinetti in his free time out of frustration at random websites and popups playing unwanted sounds. To make this extension the best it can be, please report bugs and feedback through the contact form on


© 2017 Vincent Rubinetti

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Mute Tabs By Url_v3.0