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Log into multiple accounts on the same site simultaneously.
v.2.0.4 – 2/24/18
Bug Fixed
v1.9.7 – 9/15/17
Based on a suggestion from the Github issue board, this is a new release which excludes some non-essential assets. We're hoping that it was the presence of these files causing the project to be taken down. A rewrite is still underway, you can check it's progress on this branch:

A publishing of the super-handy MultiLogin extension with the connection back to a home server removed and the goal of becoming completely open source and safe to use.

WARNING! Numerous users have reported that this extension does not work with Facebook and Google services. If you're looking for something along those lines, you should probably keep looking (or head to Github and open a pull request).

Want to enhance this extension? Make a pull request!

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