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Motivate Clock | Time Tracker_v1.5.1

Motivate Clock | Time Tracker_v1.5.1


Why should I use it?
Motivate Clock allows you to realize how much time is wasted daily and pushes you to manage your time better. You can create your personal projects for each task, track your time, and analyze personal productivity. You can be sure that Motivate Clock will count every second of your efforts.

Motivate Clock features:

* Free & Simple.
Motivate Clock allows you to track your time across different projects quite easily and absolutely for free.

* Offline & Safe.
You can be reassured the app will work offline, because Motivate Clock keeps your time tracking details locally and reliably.

* Projects.
Lets you simply categorize and organize your time tracked with the help of various projects.

* Reports.
Give you a visual and easy to understand look at your project activity. PDF report offers you monthly, weekly, daily and even hourly reports within the project.

* Notifications.
You can be sure that Motivate Clock will warn you about spending too much time on prolonged leisure or working rush.

* Idle detection.
Helps you to avoid needless time tracking when you're unexpectedly pulled away from the tasks at hand and weren't actually working.

Motivate Clock extension requires installed desktop application for Windows, which can be downloaded from official website:

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Motivate Clock | Time Tracker_v1.5.1