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MoodiModo makes tracking one's mood effortless. Click the smiley face in the upper right hand corner and you just taken the first step towards true insights about what really affects your psychological state.

You can set the reminder frequency and indicate their preferred means of notification. Users will have the ability to review their mood trends retrospectively, allowing them to identify triggers for symptoms and quantify the effectiveness of treatments.

Physical and environmental factors influence how you feel, just as emotions often cause changes in your physical system. There are 100 billion neurons in the human brain, and each of them is busy most of the time constantly sending tiny electrical impulses from one brain cell to another. This signalling is modulated by chemicals called neurotransmitters. This activity is the biochemical basis of feelings.

In turn, brain chemistry is influenced by a number of factors including degree of social interaction, sleep, diet, medication, and physical activity. Mood data from MoodiModo is automatically sent to the QuantiModo website. At QuantiModo, this data can be combined with data from other applications, devices and electronic health records. Since the human mind is not powerful enough to retain all of the necessary information, this data integration feature is essential to identifying correlations and causal relationships.

Users will also have the option to anonymously donate their data to the Mind First Foundation, the Personal Genome Project, and other researchers in order to help facilitate the crowdsourced observational research which will eventually lead to the eradication of mental illness.

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