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Modify Content-Type_v0.2

Modify Content-Type_v0.2

介绍:更改响应内容类型以强制文档在浏览器窗口中或外部在特殊视图模式下打开(PDF,XML …)

This extension is in beta state, please send feedback on your experiences and wishes!

'Modify Content-Type' allows manipulation of the Content-Type and Content-Disposition HTTP header fields of incoming documents. This may be helpful if you like to force the browser to either show a document inside the browser window or to offer it as a download. It also can be used to override unknown mime types sent by misconfigured servers. Just replace them by f.e. 'application/pdf' or 'application/xml' and Chrome will know how to show the document.

– 'Access your data on all websites': required to get access to the http headers of requested documents.

– 0.2
— added support for multiple rules per URL

版本:0.2 用户评分:4.38(5分满分) 此版本下载量:3953

大小:41.58KiB 此版本最后更新时间:2013年11月15日

作者:由Daniel Calliess提供


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Modify Content-Type_v0.2