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MindZip · Remember everything you learn_v2.1.3

MindZip · Remember everything you learn_v2.1.3


Knowledge that we do not repeat or apply, fades quickly. Our brain forgets up to 70% of the newly learned within the first week.

The MindZip app helps to repeat key thoughts incidentally on your smart phone.

With just 5 min training per day you will internalise up to 20 books per year! Rewire your brain and enable your full potential.

How much do you remember from the last book you read?

Here is the solution:

MindZip is your personal Study Coach and helps you to remember key takeaways from your favorite books. Forever!

The essence of books is bite-sized structured and therefore perfect to repeat it individually and to save it quite naturally into your long-term memory.

There are so many fields where it is important to have the essence internalized in order to use it in your daily life. “Knowledge isn’t power until it is applied.” (Dale Carnegie)

RELATIONSHIPS: Improve your relationships and get new friends

THINKING ERRORS: Avoid typical human errors and be attentive to the most important things

HABITS: Acquire new habits

BIOGRAPHY: Learn from the best

DOWNLOAD the app now.

• Choose topics you are interested in.

• Your Study Coach optimizes all the details and reminds you.

• You focus & repeat just 5 min per day on what’s most important for you.


With only 5 minutes per day, you will ENRICH YOUR LIFE!

*** Why should you use MindZip? ***

Get Smarter every day, swipe through the essence of the world's best books.

Do you wish you could read more books… but never find the time? Imagine how much smarter you'd be, if you could remember all the main takeaways of just two more book per month.
With Mindzip, you can swipe through the BEST business books until you become an expert. It's like Tinder for your brain.

Think GoodReads quotes meets Instagram. A short standalone thought from a book, that brings value on its own. MindZip will inspire you every day with inspirational and actionable quotes from like-minded users.

Let’s improve the world through compressed knowledge.

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MindZip · Remember everything you learn_v2.1.3