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MindHero – Less Distraction, More Focus_v0.7.16

MindHero – Less Distraction, More Focus_v0.7.16

介绍:MindHero – 更高的生产力,更少的压力,更好的健康

MindHero – Free Your Mind from Distraction, Fatigue, and Increase Your Digital Wellbeing

Meet MindHero, your personalized coach for digital wellbeing. MindHero learns from your existing digital behavior and adapts to your goals in order to help you live your best digital self, whether that means increasing productivity and focus, being more mindful, or becoming more relaxed and less anxious. Our beautiful dashboard helps you visualize your digital activities, while our full suite of scientific, research-backed tools and smart reminders expertly and effectively help you achieve the transformation you want.

Get MindHero today. Your mind will thank you.

Current Version Features:

1. Beautiful, intuitive and personalized dashboard of your time spent online so you can quantify and better understand your digital habits and behaviors. Together with the MindHero Coach, you can begin setting your desired outcomes.

2. Full suite of tools to aid you in your journey, including the ability to block distracting or undesirable websites and apps, convenient timers and reminders to block off time for deep work, access to concentration-enhancing music and sounds, and more.

3. Science-based insights to help you achieve the optimal and balanced state of digital wellbeing you seek, whether that be higher productivity, lower anxiety, increased focus, more mindfulness, or all of the above.

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MindHero – Less Distraction, More Focus_v0.7.16