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Microsoft Power Automate (Legacy)_v2.0.16

Microsoft Power Automate (Legacy)_v2.0.16


Microsoft Power Automate (Legacy) extension

Microsoft Power Automate lets you automate manual processes and tasks on your computer. Install the extension to automate things on the web like scripting, data extraction, testing, filling out forms and more.

The Power Automate recorder utility will convert your steps to a flow. Just browse through your favorite parts of the web application and collect data, fill forms, download files – do all the things you usually do and see a flow getting developed.

This browser extension requires additional software to perform properly. Make sure that you've downloaded and installed Power Automate to your device before continuing.

Note: After June 2023, browser will no longer support web extensions created by Manifest V2. The specific web extension is based on Manifest V2, and it is compatible with Power Automate version 2.26 or earlier and it will stop being functional after that date. Please upgrade to Power Automate version 2.27 or later and install the new Microsoft Power Automate web extension for continuing the automation of web scenarios. Learn more here:

By installing this extension, you agree to the Terms at:

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大小:57.63KiB 此版本最后更新时间:2022年12月1日

作者:由Microsoft Corporation提供


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Microsoft Power Automate (Legacy)_v2.0.16