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Bug fix:
Fixed deployment targets issue that organizations cannot be listed in deployment modal

Metaforce is a lightweight salesforce IDE. Based on front-end technologies(e.g., nodejs, bootstrap, etc.), it builds a modern and elegant UI to provide many features for salesforce development.

1. Login Management for multiple orgs.
Based on oauth2.0, metaforce can manage salesforce organization credentials without password. And you can login any orgs to any browser(Firefox, Chrome, Safari, or Incognito Mode) by One-Click.
With metaforce, login is Easier, Faster, Safer.

2. Code Editor
With metaforce, you can Create/Update/Refresh/Test apex classes and visualforce pages easily, also, salesforce metadata(xml file) can be retrieved and edited in metaforce.

3. Deployment
As a lightweight tool, metaforce can handle lightweight deployments to any org from sandbox to production. Due to metadata is retrieved as local file, you can even modify local metadata as you want and deploy them to target organization.

4. Test
Except running test for single class, you can choose multiple test classes and run them asynchronously at the same time. Metaforce will show test status and results in real time.

Besides above features, there are still lots of features, such as data export, user & role management, debug levels and logs, etc.

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