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Memory Junior by Utile_v0.3.1

Memory Junior by Utile_v0.3.1


Memory Junior is the ideal memory game for kids, and offers a lot of fun for adults too. The memory game can be played alone, however real competition between 2 players is what you are searching for! For example, children and parents together to battle to see who has the best memory. Who can find the most animal pairs?

By playing fields that range from 3 by 3 to 8 by 8, the game is accessible for both beginners and mega brains. The color rich design of the game, finished with cards containing cartoon styled animals. All together, this created an joyful and great Memory Junior game for all ages.

Memory Junior Utile is a free game and contains no advertising, so there can not be made unexpected costs. Because of this it is very suitable for children.

Other names for this classic family game are:
Concentration, Pairs of Pelmanism, Shinkei-suijaku, Pexeso, Snip Snap Snor, Zwillingsspiel and kai-awase.

The used animal images are available for free on openclipart, known as 'cartoon animals'

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Memory Junior by Utile_v0.3.1