McGill Enhanced_v3.3.28

McGill Enhanced_v3.3.28


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McGill Enhanced makes looking up courses and registration easier by providing direct access to Minerva Registration, Visual Schedule Builder, Mercury course evaluations, archived lecture recordings, Docuum and more for a given course all from the course overview page. On pages, it adds a menu bar that lets you quickly jump to a different year's version of the given page as well as a quick links menu that you can access by clicking the McGill Enhanced icon in the chrome menu bar. It also allows for 1-click registration from Visual Schedule Builder and the ability to export your course schedule from Minerva.

This Chrome extension is free and open source. The source code can be found on github and is provided under the GNU General Public License.
McGill is a University in Montreal, Quebec Canada and has no affiliation with this software.

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McGill Enhanced_v3.3.28