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Malleus is a Chrome App that tries to separate Town of Salem (ever so slightly) from the browser.

Malleus was a proof-of-concept for testing new features that wrap around another contained element (in this case, a Flash object containing the game). For the most part, the game client itself is no different than if you navigate directly to it with your browser. No data is ever saved or sent back with Malleus. It is (just as) secure as your Chrome browser.

As a proof-of-concept, a small group of friends wanted a more "desktop app" experience but without sacrificing the versatility and convenience of a web app. This immediately takes care of more pesky things like accidental refreshes and navigation, clutter from browser menus and bookmark/extension menus, and interference from your other browser plugins.

If you are surprised by advertisements on the login screen, that's because you're not used to seeing them with your AdBlocker on. They are not mine. They are two harmless banner ads (only on the login page) that do nothing but help BlankMediaGames. For that reason, I am not going to attempt to hide them.

Neither I nor Malleus is affiliated with BlankMediaGames.
Town of Salem® is a free-to-play, multi-player flash game developed and operated by BlankMediaGames LLC.
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