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MailTracker: Free email tracking for Gmail_v1.3.5

MailTracker: Free email tracking for Gmail_v1.3.5


MailTracker lets you track the emails you send with Gmail. In some cases, it also indicates the devices used by your recipients and their locations.

MailTracker appears in 3 different places in Gmail:

– In the composition window, to activate the tracking or not when you compose a new email
– In the list of threads with checkmarks icons to let you see which emails have been read or not.
– In the conversation with the complete history of the openings and the details.

Nothing more.

★ Is it free?

Yes, MailTacker is a 100% free email tracker (forever). We don't add mention in your signature either.

★ What does MailTracker store about the emails I send and receive?

To work, the MailTracker only needs to store identification numbers for the tracked emails. We don't store anything else about your emails. MailTracker doesn’t require the permission to read and manage your emails in Gmail.

★ How does it work?

MailTracker add an invisible image in your emails. This image is loaded when the email is opened by the recipient and allows you to be informed. This technology is the same used by similar email tracking tools like, Streak CRM, Hubspot Sales, Yesware or Mixmax.

★ About us

MailTracker has been created by Hunter, one of the most used email-finding tool in the world. Already trusted by more than more than 1,500,000 users around the world and leading companies like Google, IBM, Adobe and Microsoft.

Twitter: @EmailHunter

Questions? Drop us a line at!

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MailTracker: Free email tracking for Gmail_v1.3.5