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MailTag: Email Tracking, Scheduling, & More!_v2018.5.4734

MailTag: Email Tracking, Scheduling, & More!_v2018.5.4734


We’re the only chrome extension that provides 100% free and unlimited real-time email tracking, email scheduling, and automated email follow-up.

With email tracking, you’re able to know what happens after you click “send”.

Receive real-time desktop alerts the moment your emails are opened (or when links clicked), track reopens, and much more.

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With email scheduling, you can make your emails arrive at any given time or date.

Simply compose your message and let MailTag know when you want your email to be delivered.

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✔️ Ideal for scheduling emails to recipients located in different timezones.

✔️ Schedule “Happy birthday” and holiday emails to your friends, family, and coworkers! (Never forget a birthday ever again).

✔️ Schedule “reminder emails” to yourself or others (Ex: “Meeting today at 2 PM!)”

And so much more!

With Pings, you can quickly and easily automate your email follow-ups (say goodbye to manually following-up!)

If a recipient doesn’t respond to your email, you can configure MailTag to send a follow-up email to your recipient (from your email) every couple of days until you hear back — instantly bringing your emails to the top of their inbox.

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★ FREE Features:

✔️ Unlimited real-time email tracking — Free!

✔️ Real-time push notifications when your emails are opened — Free!

✔️ Real-time push notifications when links in your emails are clicked — Free!

✔️ Know how many times your emails have been reopened — Free!

✔️ Email scheduling (send your emails later) — Free!

✔️ Email Pings (automate your email follow-ups) — Free!

✔️ Simple and easy-to-use dashboard (view all of your read and unread emails) — Free!

✔️ 24/7 email and live-chat support — Free!

✔️ Removable MailTag watermark — Free!

“1 million times better than Mailtrack. Wow!” — Ron, California

“Was a long-time Boomerang user … but MailTag is so much better!” — Ava, Canada

“Super helpful for real-estate sales. I love the real-time desktop push notifications. I give my prospects a call as soon as they click my listing links.” — Cindy, NYC

“Can’t live without it.” — Kristina, Arizona

“The best email extension ever. Very easy to use!” — Travis, UK

“Game-changer for our small business.” — Hrishikesh, India

“Saves me so much time … I can’t recommend enough.” — Tracy, Colorado

“This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Thank you!!” — Diana, Georgia

– Sales and business professionals
– Freelancers
– Consultants
– Internal communications
– Teachers
– Account managers
– Businesses
– People with direct client relationships
– Professionals looking to increase their productivity and track emails
– Teams
– Project managers
– Coordinators
– Independent contractors
– Professionals actively looking for employment
– And anyone sending emails from Gmail!

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MailTag: Email Tracking, Scheduling, & More!_v2018.5.4734