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Magical – Text Expander & Autofill_v3.21.14

Magical – Text Expander & Autofill_v3.21.14


We exist to eliminate your soul-crushing work. Never type the same frequently used text over and over again or copy-paste information between your tabs.

After becoming a top-rated text expander, Magical has evolved into a simple yet powerful productivity app that empowers anyone to automate repetitive tasks with two easy keystrokes.

With no integrations required, Magical can move data across any website to speed up messaging, data entry, sourcing and prospecting workflows, and more. Automate tasks across any app you use.
Critical Acclaim:
LifeHacker: 11 of the Best Free Extensions for Google Chrome
PCMag: “The Best Free Google Chrome Extensions” in 2021
Fast Company: “8 best Chrome Extensions for Productivity”

With over 400,000 users, and trusted by 14,000 companies, Magical is the most popular text expander and autofill app.

Magical’s Tricks
– Shortcuts are frequently used text or message snippets that can be expanded with a simple keystroke. Create your own or select shortcuts from 100s of templates. Use our built in rich text editor to customize your text.
– Autofill data from any open tab to a message, spreadsheet, or form, using transfers.
– Tags help you keep your tricks organized
– Share shortcuts and templates with your team to stay consistent in your message.

Top use cases for Magical

Sourcing workflows for Recruiting:
– Autofill sourcing spreadsheets with candidate information.- Manage your applicant tracking system (ATS) with ease by creating and updating forms and fields with candidate information.
– Magical works with any Applicant Tracking System (ATS)
– Send personalized messages to candidates with a simple keystroke.

"Magical has been incredibly useful in sending messages to candidates, completing sourcing workflows, and filling fields faster in Greenhouse, our applicant tracking system (ATS). – Camila, Recruiter at Salesforce

Amazing productivity booster! As a recruiter, I use this throughout the day for emails and in LinkedIn. The customer service is amazing too!” – Adrian, Recruiter at

Prospecting workflows for Sales:
– Complete prospecting workflows in seconds without the frustration of constant copy and paste.
– Move your prospect’s information from any site into spreadsheets or your favorite Customer Relationship Management (CRM) or sales tools automatically.
– Send personalized outreach messages to prospects instantly.

”Magical is transformative in the sales world. I recommend it to every sales team I work with.” – Brynne Tillman | CEO of Social Sales Link

“My SDR saved 10% of his day, but 90% on the part of the job he hates most: mundane repetitive work in HubSpot." Andrew, VP at Ninth Decimal

Customer service & support
– Craft the perfect response once, and send it instantly every time.
– Delight customers by adding personal flair to your responses (automagically).
– Share shortcuts with your team for frequent support responses. Magical works across all your communication channels – email, chat, and more.

Magical helps me in every part of my day! We have macros and templates in our Gmail and Zendesk, however, Magical makes it so much more efficient and productive not having to take your hands off the keyboard. It is absolutely, without a doubt, 100%, my favorite add-on for Chrome.” Jessie, Customer Support at the RealReal

Text-expansion & messaging: Tired of remembering Zoom links, email addresses, phrases about your company, FAQs and/or frequent email templates that you type repeatedly? Magical allows you to save time and increase accuracy by creating shortcuts of text you commonly use. Save time, typos, and the satisfaction of going back to things you love the most in your day.

Marketing and growth:
– Create consistent branding across your salespeople, business, and customers
– Create snippets and shortcuts for social media marketing for easy reference

Software Engineers:
– Create snippets where you use scripts and code continually.

Small Business and Entrepreneurs:
-Build brand consistency and allow anyone to answer frequently asked questions from customers via email, chat, or social media channels.
– Manage your customer contacts in your CRM, or candidates in your ATS.

Personal use:
– Send the same outbound message for hiring freelancers, applying for a job, renting a vacation home, sending your bio for dating websites, plus much more!

The app name was formerly Auto Text Expander For Google Chrome.

TextExpander® is a registered trademark of SmileOnMyMac, LLC. Google Chrome is a trademark of Google Inc. Use of this trademark is subject to Google permissions. All other trademarks are conveyed to you as customers, reference on compatibility, or alternatives.

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Magical – Text Expander & Autofill_v3.21.14