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The Luminati business proxy network is the most powerful way to browse anonymously from anywhere in the world.

Luminati’s extension is the simplest way to integrate Luminati directly into your Chrome browser.

Luminati extension enables you to send concurrent URL requests through millions of residential IPs directly from your Chrome browser. Your requests are routed through nodes on the Luminati P2P network, which are real residential IPs. When sending requests via real IPs, it's virtually impossible to get blocked or cloaked. Our solution is used by Fortune 500 companies because it is the most powerful tool currently available with near-perfect success rates.

To use the Luminati extension, you must have an existing Luminati account. You can sign up for Luminati here:

Luminati extension includes the following features:
– Supports static/residential IP browsing
– Browse from any country
– Customize configuration of DNS to maximize discretion or speed
– Set random IP rotation
– Adjust user agent
– Customize configuration of session length
– Browsing from specific cities or carriers

To learn more about our other platforms for utilizing Luminati, visit the following link:

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