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Loony Bug 2_v1.0.0

Loony Bug 2_v1.0.0


Lots of fun!
Simply and fast!
Your goal in this addictive game is to lead a bunch of crazy ladybugs up a hole in the middle of the garden. You must prevent the ladybugs collide with each other or with the edges of the garden.
When ladybugs entering the hole, you will earn a bonus and go to the next level with the ladybugs increasingly fast.
Try to get the highest number of points in this race!

版本:1.0.0 用户评分:5(5分满分) 此版本下载量:49

大小:1002KiB 此版本最后更新时间:2015年9月7日

作者:由José Cintra提供


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Loony Bug 2_v1.0.0