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LiveHive Email Content Tracking & Analytics_v3.5.0.66

LiveHive Email Content Tracking & Analytics_v3.5.0.66


LiveHive provides an account based sales intelligence solution to give you deep insights into what you lead, contact or account is doing in the moment. These insights give you a real advantage in the marketplace to close more sales. With real-time tracking, campaign sequencing, integrated dialer, insight rich analytics and reporting, coaching, call-monitoring, and management analytics, LiveHive accelerates your sales process.

With LiveHive, you get:
✔ User and Management Dashboards
✔ Real-time email and document tracking for opens, views, clicks, replies, shares, and prints
✔ Integrated global VOiP dialer with voicemail recording and drop
✔ Campaign templates, call scripts and sequencing with automated responsive tasks
✔ Integrated Task Manager for automation
✔ Lead and Account Rankings for immediate campaign insights
✔ Lead prospecting and generation
✔ Single, group, or sequenced email campaigns
✔ Full integration with Salesforce, MS Dynamics, Gmail and Outlook
✔ Pipeline forecasting and reporting
✔ The deepest analytics in the Sales Stack
✔ Management Analytics for each stage of the sales process
✔ SQL Reporting for fine tuning lists
✔ Account-based contact manager

LiveHive’s award winning sales engagement platform provides a complete view of your sales process from prospecting to close. With unrivaled analytics and top lead and account rankings, you can now tailor your follow-up at the moment of interest, creating a better qualified pipeline of lead that is seamlessly integrated with your every day sales tools and applications.

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LiveHive Email Content Tracking & Analytics_v3.5.0.66