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Live Start Page – Living Wallpapers_v28.6.9

Live Start Page – Living Wallpapers_v28.6.9


It's a simple user-friendly extension that has everything you need for enjoyable work: 

★ Hundreds of Unique Live Wallpapers and Static Backgrounds;
★ Meditation mode with Nature and Ambient sounds;
★ Weather;
★ To-Do list;
★ Clocks (several types);

– Current time to make sure you don’t become lost in the abyss of virtual reality; 
– Up-to-date weather information to avoid forgetting about the amazing real world out there; 
– An organizer that saves your precious time and keeps even the smallest details for you; 
– Speed dials for quick single-click access to your most frequently viewed links and websites. 

Oh yeah, there is one more thing we forgot to mention – a live screen accommodating all of these neat features. We offer a multitude of themes to choose between and use in your browser. As a matter of fact, it's not just about aesthetics, but it's also very good for your nervous system. How? It's really simple. 

All of us, from urban dwellers to self-perpetuating inhabitants of the office prairies, are living in a constant time crunch. We are sucked into spinning in the wheel of technological progress, easily forgetting how beautiful a clear summer sky cut across by the wings of nimble swallows and swifts can be… and how stunning sunrays are when battling through tree branches just to reach our skin. We live and do things mechanically, focusing closely on our errands and problems. But as soon as we stop spinning in this wheel for just a few minutes, life appears so much brighter. 

By traveling in your mind deep into a tropical forest or a seaside, you can have a nice mind-relaxing rest in the middle of a work day. Enjoy stunning views of the planet's most distant and unexplored corners without leaving your computer! Or maybe you would like to recharge from the energy of burning flames by going for the fire theme? Let yourself have a break from mundane everyday work, allowing your eyes to relax and your brain to be fueled with positive emotions. The new Live Start Page makes all this very real!

*This extension offers premium functionality via subscription. If you subscribe, you will be billed monthly or annually.

*This extension is not part of Google. This is independent product.

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Live Start Page – Living Wallpapers_v28.6.9