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LinkedIn Email Finder – Adapt Prospector_v4.0.29

LinkedIn Email Finder – Adapt Prospector_v4.0.29


LinkedIn Email Finder – Adapt Prospector is an email finder extension which helps to find email and phone numbers on any LinkedIn profile or website visited.

✔ Who uses LinkedIn Email Finder
– Sales professionals
– Lead generation teams
– Recruiters
– Human resource professionals
– Business executives, Business analysts & Marketing consultants

✔ Bulk Email Finder from LinkedIn Advanced Search Results
Are you continually browsing LinkedIn searches to find leads for your business? Our LinkedIn Email Finder integrates with LinkedIn search making it easier for you to find the email. With the Email Finder, you can now find email addresses directly from the LinkedIn search and save all business contact information.

✔ Leads Directory
Our application helps you gather data of your leads
Business Email Address
Title / Level / Department
LinkedIn URL
Direct Dial
Company Dial and other information

as lists and export as CSVs or sync it to your CRMs. CRMs which we support,
Microsoft Dynamics,
Marketo and others.

LinkedIn Email Finder – Adapt Prospector ensures that you have more:
Accurate information
Increase Productivity
Business opportunities

Get contact and company information of the person(s) from any website.

✔ B2B lead generation
Adapt’s prospector is one of the top rated tools for B2B lead generation. If you are into B2B sales / marketing, you would love using our tool to fetch contacts right from LinkedIn. B2B lead generation is all about the right data at the right time. Imagine, if you could reach out to all contacts that you are following on LinkedIn. Creating the perfect outreach could go a long way in unlocking new opportunities for your organisation.

Adapt has been a key player in contact data for B2B sales and marketing. With over 300,000 users, we are the best at providing B2B contact data from a variety of industries. Using our email finder, you get access to contacts you are prospecting on LinkedIn and a variety of websites. The best way to get data of top contacts is to go over to the company website and open the email finder plugin.

✔ ABM tools
If you are into ABM, then you will find our B2B email prospector for ABM very useful as you can get a list of contacts from a particular organisation from the company website and also LinkedIn search results. This way you can build your ABM targets and engage with your prospective customers in minutes.

✔ New normal after COVID-19
Today, with the pandemic, a lot of sales prospecting has moved online. Events are now webinars and hence the best place to connect with professionals and network is on LinkedIn. It is becoming increasingly important to have a B2B prospecting tool in your must have list of tools.

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LinkedIn Email Finder – Adapt Prospector_v4.0.29