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Linked Helper – automate work with LinkedIn_v8.4.9

Linked Helper – automate work with LinkedIn_v8.4.9


⭐ Support normal LinkedIn, Sales Navigator, Recruiter and Recruiter Lite

Linked Helper is LinkedIn automation tool that simplifies your work with
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⭐ Expand your LinkedIn network to thousands of contacts in a few steps:
– Open LinkedIn OR Sales Navigator search page and your filters
– Choose Relationship : 2nd or 3rd
– Choose "Collect, Select & Invite 2nd & 3rd contacts" from dropdown menu
– Click "Collect contacts for inviting"
– Set invitation message template using {firstname}, {lastname}, {company} & {position} variables
– Click "Start profiles inviting"
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⭐ Auto mailing system to reach your business partners | Message sequence to 1st connections or LinkedIn Group Members
– Open LinkedIn, Sales Navigator or Recruiter search page and set your filters, or "My Connections", Alumni or Group Members page
– Choose Relationship: «1nd Connections » (if you collecting from a search page)
– Set filters and press “Collect message recipients”
– Check collected contacts before sending
– Create a message template, using the variables {firstname} & {lastname} that will be replaced with the recipient’s first name & last name in each message
– Press «Start message broadcast»
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⭐ Export your connections to CSV file / Build targeted mailing list (only for new LinkedIn look / interface)
– Go to “Profiles extractor” settings
– Choose create new list, type list name and click “Add” button
– Go to search page. Set your search criteria. Set Relationship: «1st Connections»; And press “Collect contacts from search”. After this Linked Helper will go through all search results and – pull all contacts in queue
– Go to “Extract” tab and click “Extract collected profiled”. Program will go thru queued (collected) profiles and stores them into your browser memory.
– Go to “Export” tab and click “Download CSV File”. By default CSV file will be created compatible with Google Sheets, but you can switch to MS Excel format
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⭐ With Linked Helper, you can boost your profile and get hundreds of endorsements from other users in no time. The tool does everything for you. Linked Helper automatically sends endorsements to all your contacts. Between 10% to 30% on your contact list will endorse you in return.
– Press «Collect contacts for endorse»
– Open in a separate tab or window.
– Press «Endorse my contacts»
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⭐ Automatically add your signature to messages:
– Go to "My signature" settings
– write your signature & click Save button
– switch-on "Adds signature" mode
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⭐ Profiles Auto-visitor – another way to generate leads from LinkedIn
– Go to “Profiles Auto-visitor” settings. Choose create new list, type list name and click “Add” button
– Go to search page. Set your search criteria and press “Collect contacts for auto-visiting”
– Click "View collected" to check list and statistics
– Go to “Visit” tab and click “Start profiles auto-visiting”
– Go to “Export” tab and click “Download CSV File”. By default CSV file will be created compatible with Google Sheets, but you can switch to MS Excel format
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⭐ Send message to LinkedIn Group Members even if they are not your 1st connections

⭐ Invite 1st connections to join a LinkedIn group

⭐ Autoresponder to ALL recently added connections

⭐ Send messages to recently added connections from certain inviting campaign

⭐ Upload profiles URLs

⭐ Bulk invitations withdraw function (My Invites Canceller)———9—————-

⭐ Almost every Linked Helper functions can collect connections from:
1) normal LinkedIn search page
2) Sales Navigator search page
3) Recruiter search page
4) Recruiter projects page
5) LinkedIn Group Members page
6) All my connections page
7) Alumni page

⭐ Super flexible lists manager tool, which allows you to build your own lead generation funnel———5—————-

Demo videos

For any matters contact:

Linked Helper is an automization tool that simplifies your work with Linked Helper Linkedin auto connect function will help generate a lot of new leads. Our software is like autopilot, because you can do other work, while LH is running.

Auto add or automatically connect with 2nd and 3rd level LinkedIn contacts.
Use LinkedIn mass messaging tool to send personalised messages to 1st level connections.
If you're searching for Linkedin automation tools, then you've already found them, because LH is like Swiss knife. That's why you don't need to buy other automation tools like Linmailpro, Social Lead Machine, Dux-Soup, LinkedDeep, gpz linkedin automation tool, autopilot, FollowingLike, crystal, eGrabber, ProTop, inboardpro, scout, salesloft, nimble, linkedomata, LinkedDominator, LinkedProspect, LeadFuze, Outro, eLink Pro, Discoverly, Guru, Rapportive, LeadGrabber Pro, Datanyze Insider, Attach, QuotaDeck, Elink.Club, Email Hunter, Linkedin Lookup, Conspire, Brisk Ebsta and others.

Try Linked Helper for LinkedIn prospecting!

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Linked Helper – automate work with LinkedIn_v8.4.9