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LearnPlatform for Educators_v1.6

LearnPlatform for Educators_v1.6


LearnPlatform for Educators provides relevant, contextual product reviews and insights for the educational websites you visit.

Manage Your EdTech. Organize, Streamline and Analyze to Improve Outcomes.

Always free for individual educators, the LearnPlatform for Educators Chrome Extension allows teachers to access, grade and provide real-time insights to the edtech products they use. When educators visit the product website of any learning technology, the extension activates, allowing them to see verified user grades on each product, ask their professional learning network(s) questions about those products, save product info to their own library and access other key features of their LearnPlatform account directly from the product webpage. LearnPlatform houses the largest library of edtech products (more than 4,000), with new products added weekly.

Educator features of the LearnPlatform Chrome Extension:
-View the product grade (and quickly access the product's report card)
-Add new products to your edtech library
-Ask questions of fellow educators about edtech products
-Save time and better differentiate products based on your needs
-Quickly and easily access your LearnPlatform account

For G Suite for Education (formerly GAFE) schools, districts, and higher education institutions, activating the extension has significant individual and organizational benefits:
-Activate the extension organization-wide, for free, in less than four minutes
-Give educators a voice in the tools needed for learner-centered instruction
-Save teachers time and improve capacity to differentiate products
-Monitor and analyze which learning tools are utilized most across the organization
-Notify educators of product statuses – approved (or not) for use, FERPA-compliant, etc.
-Improve purchasing, instructional and operational decisions with proven analytics, procurement tools, product IMPACT analyses, and contract management
-Share products across Google Classroom

About LearnPlatform
LearnPlatform helps educators manage all aspects of their edtech ecosystem with a single system to organize, streamline and analyze all teaching and learning tools. It is the research-based, configurable and on-demand edtech management platform — designed with, by and for educators and administrators to improve student outcomes and maximize edtech budgets. Lea(R)n empowers educators and their organizations to determine, manage and measure the best technology for their classrooms.

Since launching in 2014, the LearnPlatform on-demand edtech ecosystem is already trusted by tens of thousands of educators across the United States in small, medium and top 20 districts, statewide systems, universities, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. LearnPlatform users teach more than 1.8 million students in more than 40 states.

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LearnPlatform for Educators_v1.6