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Learning the Pooh_v1.3.8

Learning the Pooh_v1.3.8


Help some adults (maybe children in future) to happily finish their daily homework from ``.

## Offline Install
* Support Chrome, Firefox, QQ browser, 360 browser, See the GitHub for details.

## Usage
* Please click the [poof] button on the toolbar at the top right of the browser to start running program.
* If don't have login your account, scan the QR code in the opening page to login.
* Waiting for the program to finish 'study' in a small opening window, you can use this computer do something else but `minimize` or `close` that window.

## Flash Mode
* Running multiple windows at the same time to achieve learning speed up.
* Right click on the [poof] button, select `Flash mode` in the menu.
* This feature may be risky, please take care of yourself.

## Notice
* The project is completely free and open source, not for commercial use.
* If you have any questions, please submit your feedback on (

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Learning the Pooh_v1.3.8