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Klip – Screenshot, Clip, Read Later, Bookmark_v1.8.6

Klip – Screenshot, Clip, Read Later, Bookmark_v1.8.6


Klip allows you clip text, images, and screenshots and import them into knotable. Keep in mind when using the extension that we're still in beta! Please send any feedback you have to


Klip — share it, or stash it on notepads where you can add it to your workflow. Teamwork made easy.

You can clip anything and save it instantly to a pad in Knotable:
– Text
– Images
– Everything in your browser window
– Even a whole webpage

Plus Save and Sync — You can see your clips on the web, on iPhone and Android, and even in your New Tab in Chrome. You can even add email addresses to a pad and have updates stream out that way as you clip stuff.

Once it's in Knotable, easily add people and turn a snapshot into progress. You can do a lot more when you get your ideas on a notepad. Get on there. You'll need an account from to save and sync.

版本:1.8.6 用户评分:4.27(5分满分) 此版本下载量:675

大小:4.8MiB 此版本最后更新时间:2015年12月3日



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Klip – Screenshot, Clip, Read Later, Bookmark_v1.8.6