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Know your tweeps’ influence metrics directly in your Twitter feed.

This extension adds the Klear badges to your Twitter feed. With the badges, you will easily understand who are your Twitter followers and what interest them.

What are the Klear Badges?

Klear analyzes each profile with a special influence algorithms and show its results with up to 3 simple badges: (1) The Popularity Badge; (2) The Responsiveness Badge; (3) The Expertise Badge. The badges make it simple and intuitive to have a deep understanding of your tweeps, by seeing how popular they are, friendly and responsive and what are their main interests.

What is Klear?

Klear is a social intelligence platform that helps you do smarter marketing. With 200 million profile, 60,000 categories and 5 years’ worth of historical data, Klear is the most sophisticated – yet the simplest to use – influencer search engine in the industry.

Have questions or any feedback? Feel free to reach out at

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