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Keepin' Tabs – tabs manager_v4.0

Keepin' Tabs – tabs manager_v4.0


– Search by title and URL (just start typing – no need to click search first)
– Keyboard shortcut to open the extension (see below)
– Order by domain
– Drag to re-order manually
– Reload
– Pin / unpin
– Close
– Use the up, down and enter keys to navigate your tabs list
– Select multiple tabs to perform actions on

Your can open the extension with a keyboard shortcut:
Windows – Control + Shift + K
Mac – Command + Shift + K

If you find that the keyboard shortcut does not work for you or you would like to change it to something else then go to the Chrome extensions preferences (chrome://extensions), scroll to the bottom and click "Keyboard shortcuts" and you can set your own here.

Keepin' Tabs requires permission to "Read your browsing history". This is a slightly misleading description of this permission as your browsing history is not actually used, only the current state of each tab you have open is read to retrieve information such as the page title, URL, etc. No information about your browsing history is read or stored – the only thing that is stored is your choice of list view (compact or expanded). Read more about this permission here:

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Keepin' Tabs – tabs manager_v4.0