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Katalon Recorder (Selenium tests generator)_v5.5.4

Katalon Recorder (Selenium tests generator)_v5.5.4


Katalon Recorder is the most UI-friendly and simplest extension for Record and Playback on Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.

Katalon Recorder is famous for replacing manual works on the browsers with automation:
— Automate the repetitive tasks on browsers, such as generating reports, filling forms, automating games, etc.
— Test your new features before handing your work over to the QA team
— Run synthetic testing to monitor the functionality of web applications
— Shareable reports with visual dashboards and charts

Katalon Recorder is also the perfect alternative web recorder to Selenium IDE by:
— Supporting the legacy Selenium IDE's commands and extension scripts (AKA user-extensions.js) for developing custom locator builders and actions.
— Ability to add your own method of locating elements into KR through extension script.
— Data-driven testing capabilities
— Exporting Selenium WebDriver scripts in various formats and frameworks (Python, C#, Java, JavaScript, Ruby, Groovy, XML, Protractor, and so on)
— Integrating with other Katalon solutions (Katalon Studio and Katalon TestOps) for advanced test generation, reporting, and test orchestration needs.

* Useful links:

— Katalon Recorder on Firefox:

— Katalon Recorder vs. Selenium IDE:

— Katalon Recorder support:
Explore more Katalon solutions for free:

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Katalon Recorder (Selenium tests generator)_v5.5.4