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Kami Extension – PDF and Document Annotation_v2.0.11119

Kami Extension – PDF and Document Annotation_v2.0.11119


Your Digital Classroom Hero

Kami is the leading PDF and document annotation app for Chrome. With Kami’s interactive tools, teachers can transform their students’ learning into a collaborative experience. Sign up today, for free!

Why Kami?
✓ Teachers save time and work more efficiently
✓ Improve students engagement
✓ School districts save money on printing costs
✓ Support inclusive learning with tools for Special Education
✓ Full compliance with privacy and data security
✓ Ads-free with advanced tools available for upgrade

What’s included in the free version:
✓ Auto-sync and save files to Google Drive
✓ Built in OCR (Scanned Documents)
✓ Convert files to PDF
✓ Exceptional online support

Kami seamlessly integrates with the following Learning Management Systems, all with grading features:
• Google Classroom
• Schoology
• Canvas

Three ways to access Kami:
• Chrome Extension
• Web App
• Other browsers – access your Kami account on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer and more.

Kami Toolbar:
• Select Text: Hand Tool, Select Annotations
• Dictionary
• Text to Speech: Loop, Read Page, Change Voice and Speed
• Markup: Text Highlight, Box Highlight, Strikethrough, Underline
• Comment: Text, Voice, Video and Screen Capture
• Text Box > Rich Text Editor
• Equation Editor: Insert Math and Music Symbols
• Drawing > Adjust stroke, color and transparency
• Shapes: Insert Circle, Square and Line > Adjust stroke, color and transparency
• Eraser: All annotations or Drawings/Shapes Only
• Image: From computer, Google Drive, Google Search or Webcam
• Insert Signature
(Updated: August 2019)

Top Features:
• Integration with Learning Management Systems
• Split and Merge documents (
• Real-time collaboration and auto-save with Google Drive
• Detect text on scanned files with built-in OCR
• Enable Kami as Default PDF Viewer

Files Supported:
• PDF (.pdf)
• Documents (Microsoft Word, Google Docs, RTF)
• Powerpoint (Microsoft Powerpoint, Google Slides)
• Sheets (Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets)
• Image Files (.jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif)

Pricing Available:
• Free version
• Education: Teacher License, School License and District License
• For enterprise pricing, please email

• I am a teacher, can I use Kami?
Yes, you can use Kami and share the license with your students. Kami works well with Google Drive and Google Classroom, so you and your students can collaborate with PDFs, image files and other documents seamlessly.

• Is Kami free?
Kami is free to use, and you can upgrade anytime. If you’d like a product demo or have questions about Kami’s free version, please email

• I am a teacher, and I need Kami in my class, which plan should I get?
Upgrade to a Kami Teacher License* for $99/year, and share your license with all your students.

• I am a school principal, how much is Kami for the entire school?
Get in touch with us at to work out the best pricing for your school.

• I need multiple licenses, how can I contact Kami?
Get in touch with a Kami representative at

For more information, go to

Helpful Links:
• Kami Blog:
• How-to videos, tutorials and case studies:
• Help Center –

Follow us on Twitter and Facebook:

*Kami Teacher License is only available to verified teacher accounts from K-12 to higher education.

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Kami Extension – PDF and Document Annotation_v2.0.11119