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JWT Debugger_v2.1.2

JWT Debugger_v2.1.2


Do you find yourself going to the browser's console to debug JWTs all the time? Then this extension is for you!

We took the functionality from our website and embedded it within a Chrome extension with extra features!

NEW IN v2.1.0:
– Minimum length tooltip for HMAC secrets.
– Claim information tooltips.
– Support for plain RSA public keys (no X.509 header).

NEW IN v2.0.0:
– More algorithms, including PS and ES variants.
– Human readable tooltips for timestamps in claims.
– Automatic public-key download for JWKs (x5u, x5c, jku, jwk) and Auth0 keys.
– Firefox support (check the Firefox addons page!).
– Streamlined code for smaller size and better performance.

– Debug JWTs easily and visually.
– Support for HS256/384/512 (HMAC + SHA) signatures.
– Support for RS256/384/512 (RSA) signatures.
– Support for PS256/384 (RSA) signatures.
– Support for ES256/384 (ECDSA) signatures.
– Easily edit all JWTs from the current tab in cookies or web storage.
– Get shareable URLs for your JWTs.

Source code:

Report bugs at GitHub.

Brought to you by Auth0!

版本:2.1.2 用户评分:4.92(5分满分) 此版本下载量:33267

大小:342KiB 此版本最后更新时间:2018年4月26日



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JWT Debugger_v2.1.2