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JustBlock Security_v2.0.41

JustBlock Security_v2.0.41


Protection against malicious Chrome Extensions, fraudulent downloads and browser vulnerability.

Compatible with G-Suite (Google™ Apps), Mac OS & Windows PC


> BLOCK MALWARE: block ransomware, malware and extensions for malicious codes & Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUP) to keep your system running smooth.

> BLOCK MALICIOUS CHROME™ EXTENSIONS: blocks over one thousand malicious or abusive Chrome extensions.

> BLOCK ADS: block all types of Ads and video Ads on youtube and all other websites.

> BLOCK EMAIL TRACKERS: detects the invisible tracker hidden inside emails and blocks them.

> PREVENT FACEBOOK HIJACK: Hide your status & protect your Facebook™ account from malwares, detect and block infected and malicious requests.

> BLOCK MALICIOUS CRYPTOCURRENCY MINERS: don't let Hackers mine cryptocurrencies with your computer without your consent

> PROTECT YOUR ANONYMITY: Block websites from tracking your navigation path

> PROTECT YOUR SAFETY: Block unsafe websites

> BLOCK THIRD PARTY COOKIES: Block Advertising Networks & Facebook from spying on you

> PROTECT YOUR PRIVACY: tell sites you don't want to be tracked

> PROTECT YOUR PERSONAL DATA: block form's autofill to prevent website from stealing your personal data

> BLOCK SHADOW CLICKS: Don't let Chrome™ open links without your consent

> BLOCK NOTIFICATIONS: blocks annoying browser's notifications

> BLOCK POPUP: blocks javascript browser popups and popup ads

> PREVENT PASSWORD STEALING: prevents malicious scripts from stealing your saved usernames and passwords.

> BLOCK CORRUPTED WEBSITES: easily block any distracting or harmful website.

> BLOCK AD INJECTION: don't let extensions inject their ads into random pages

> BLOCK BOTNET: Don't let malicious extensions turn your browser into a botnet.


> HIDE DIGITAL FINGERPRINT: prevent websites from identifying your browser with your unique Digital Fingerprint.

> PARENTAL CONTROL: bock Adult sites and porn websites to protect your children.

> ULTIMATE TAB PROTECTION: gain speed and privacy by freezing unused tabs.

================== is a security package for Chrome™ to block malware, secure your online privacy & speed up your browser.

Anti-virus for Chrome™

It blocks data theft, malwares, digital scam, privacy trackers, ransomewares, fraud, virus & popups.

Your software and your data have moved in the cloud, Chrome™ is a great browser to access all these services but it needs an extra layer of security.

This extension started in 2011 as a "Javascript Popup Blocker", since then we have expended and today our Chrome™ extension offers a security bundle to protect your browser.

Disclaimer: Just Block is a software developed by

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JustBlock Security_v2.0.41