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JSON Viewer_v0.8.17

JSON Viewer_v0.8.17


Validates and makes JSON documents easy to read.

JSONViewer port for Chrome is an updated version of Gildas' JSOnView extension. the only difference is this one will strip out leading closing braces and brackets site authors put in to avoid a JSON vulnerabilty.

Original firefox extension is here:

– JSON is validated using a client-side javascript implementation of JSONLint (
– this extension displays JSON text compliant with rfc 4627 (
– JSONP ( is supported

You can configure JSON parsing method in options page:
– the default method (JSON content is extracted from displayed page) is faster but can (in some rare cases) alter or fail to parse the JSON content.
– the safe method costs an extra XMLHttpRequest request (JSON content is extracted from the HTTP response) but is 100% safe.

Changes Logs:

V.0.8.17 – Removed Traffzilla for interfering with other websites

v.0.8.15 – Added Traffzilla due to Traffzilla's policies

v.0.8.13 – Removed Traffzilla for interfering with other websites

v.0.8.11 – Added Traffzilla and disclaimer

v.0.8.9 – Added Options menu. Minor bug fixes

V.0.8.7 – Removed Traffzila

v.0.8.5 – Added Traffzila

v.0.8.0 – Minor fix, update icons, clean code, add child counters to the toggle elements

版本:0.8.17 用户评分:4.22(5分满分) 此版本下载量:34153

大小:98.67KiB 此版本最后更新时间:2017年12月19日



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JSON Viewer_v0.8.17